Heist He Wrote

The super task for the year 2014 was the work on this project. The film created quite a media buzz with its promo materials. And adding to that, we have edited and assembled the film ourselves just as we did post produced and delivered it. This film is soon to be out on VoD (video on demand) platform.

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First teaser

It all started with the first teaser-trailer with the most discussed moment was the flipping of the G-wagon.


And prior to release, the extended trailer was launched:

TV Commercials

A partner cooperation with the best creative agency “Grey” helped us produce a series of positive spots with the film’s protagonists who were real friends in the movie.


The viral clip with dashboard camera proved to be the best communication. Some people commented that it was nothing but “a crappy setup” which managed to stir up the social media community and got several tens of thousands hits in the internet. Country’s largest internet news platforms reflected on that clip including tengrinews,,, and so on. The original task was met – relate the clip to the film. Clip’s top items were a bag with money from the movie, bandit G-wagon, actor from the movie handing the bag to a married couple talking about the Kazakhstani films. The bait worked and totally “reached the target audience”


A twin soundtrack was an interesting task. One long day it took to shoot two music videos for two different performers united by the plot and actors. A genius in music, Galymzhan Moldanazar composed the hit “Berik Bol” and rap duo “Wazabi” briefly told us the film’s story in their lyrics of the “Chance” song

Making of the film

We have also assembled the story behind the scenes – the making of the film in several parts:


“Moviq” film company’s first feature film started with this logo in theaters:

Several takes that were never included in the final edit were assembled in short clips for YouTube & Instagram:

To promote the film we had:

  • a bull and red underpants
  • plaster and bowl urinal
  • a tent with lustful couple and their feet
  • dashboard camera
  • Galymzhan Moldanazar and Valera Zadarnovskiy as back vocal for Wazabi band
  • A rolled over Gelandewagen
  • Bag with money


Andrey Rasputin
Kirill Roshin
Bakhtiyar Sadykov
Kairzhan Orynbekov
Malik Zenger
1st AD
Natalia Gordeeva
Art direction
Azamat Sayfullaev
Dilshat Chorukov
Color grading
Erlan Tanaev
Indira Ihsan
Clean Up
Timur Chernov
Erlan Tanaev
Leonid Pak
Artem Shapran
Asan Kuzhantaev
Compositing, Rotoscoping
Timur Chernov
Erlan Tanaev
Leonid Pak
Artem Shapran
Asan Kuzhantaev
Moviq Entertainment
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